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Big 10 University supports animal cruelty!

Hello, I am an alumni of Purdue University and am currently attending Purdue University Calumet, both in the state of Indiana in the USA. I didn't learn until I left the main campus that we offered a course called "Furbearer Management" where the students are taught to trap furbearing animals using steel jawed leghold traps (which have been banned by the European Union because of the cruelty inherent in the trap itself). This course is taught in conjunction with a trapping group know as the Fur Takers of America and Purdue provides two credits of "continuing education" upon completion of the course. In the course, the students are taught to grade the pelts of the animal and learn how to market the fur to the public. This shows an intent to kill the animals for profit and no other reason. The course used to use mock traps and students would be graded on whether or not there'd be paw prints in the mock traps, but that's changed.

The animal rights club on my campus wants to inform the public about this cruel course Purdue University refuses to end, despite intervention by the Humane Society of the United States 3 years back. There is much more information on our club's website, please take time to check it out.

We've talked personally with the president of Purdue University, Martin Jischke and he said that our voices were just 6 of 2,000 and that they aren't considering stopping the course. We have addresses to send letters to at the bottom of the page on our website, please take the time to look at it and consider at least writing a letter. Our hands are really tied because our club only has 5 or 6 members depending on the week. Please help! Purdue University is a highly respected school that is supporting cruel trapping! This needs to end!

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