boilermish (boilermish) wrote in purduealumni,

We made it :)

I remember someone posted about this awhile ago... well Purdue is in the top 6 "game changing performance" finalists.

Now that all the votes are in, the six best Game Changing Performances of the Year have been selected.


Week 7: Wisconsin - On Wisconsin!
Week 4: Auburn - Toomer's Corner
Week 3: Troy - Rumble Young Man!
Week 6: Purdue - Boiling Over
Week 11: Pitt - Catch Me If You Can
Week 5: Wyoming - Airing It Out


Now it's your turn.

Click on or paste the following URL into your browser

to vote now and help decide which play will become this year's
Game Changing Performance of the Year. Your vote decides not only
the winning play, but also which school gets the $100,000 general

You can vote once a week from December 5th to December 30th. Then
check back on Tuesday, January 4, 2005 to see which school's play
become the Game Changing Performance of the Year and the $100,000
scholarship recipient.
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