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what time is the game tomorrow & what national station is carrying it?
If its not on tv (which would be highly unlikely as its a "rival matchup") I'll just have t go rip the xm receiver out of my husband's car and listen to the big ten station that picks up the Lafayette broadcast :)

I was so happy that we beat MSU, just happens that I live in MI and interact with a lot of MSU grads. I just hope our season greatly improves next year, that streak of 6 losses was pretty damn depressing, having gone to Purdue in the Drew era I expect more out of Tiller.
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Game is at 1pm (EST), and from what I can find online - it's not on TV.
I think the OSU / M game beat us out for the 1pm TV time slot since their teams are doing better this year.
grr. you're right, went to the purdue football site and the schedule says its only on ESPN 360 (internet).

well that sucks...
I agree whole heartedly (that it sucks the game isn't on TV).

Guess we get to scream at the radio! :)