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Hail Purdue!

Hello everyone! I came across this site through the big 10 bands community and thought I would join. I'm a Purdue alum who graduated in May 1999 with a BS in Computer Information Systems Technology. I was in the AAMB, Varsity Band, Variety Band and Collegiate Band. I was a member and activities committe head for TBS (Tau Beta Sigman) and also a member of AITP (Association for Information Technology Professionals). I honestly don't know how I managed to do so much and graduate with decent grades.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to my fellow alumns!
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Hello fellow sister! I'm a May 2004 grad and TBS alumni association president. I was in AAMB, Doc band, Bill band, Pam band and um... yeah, did volleyball band too! I was activities head, membership head, fundraising/finances head, and Treasurer for TBS. ^_^
Hello there! It's so nice to meet a fellow sister! :-D

We've got the MOTTS! ;-) Te he he

Wow, sounds like you were a total band geek too. Wasn't it great? I seriously miss it from time to time. I hope to get back for alumni band this year. Are you planning on going as well?
I will definitely be there! I am so suffering from band withdrawal! We're also going to be having a Beta Sigma alumni association meeting that weekend, so hopefully we've got your address and stuff so you can get information about that! I'm going to try to talk to Pat Newton in the band office about including something in the alumni band mailings that go out.
Great! Looking forward to meeting you! ;-) I think the Beta Sigma folks have my address, so I'll keep my eye out for information on the alumni meeting. That will be fun! I'm already looking forward to it. I think including something about it in the band mailings is a great idea! Keep me posted! ;-)
Hey there! I was out of town when you posted. I must know you! I'm a Toaster.